Russo Rifle Stocks
Laminated, Hardwood and Exotic Wood Stocks

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my work.

  I make rifle stocks using colored laminated birch blanks, domestic, and exotic figured hardwoods.
All my stocks are CNC inletted for your action, barrel channel, and bottom metal. 
I offer adjustable cheek pieces, 3 way adjustable length of pull systems, standard recoil pads,
flush cups, and just about any other accessory you would need. 

I will work with your blank, or you can choose one of the many blanks that I have in stock. 

I also offer complete pillar bedding and finishing services.

I am not a mass production shop therefore, all my stocks are made to order. 

I am passionate about my work, and I pay attention to the small details that are so important in
crafting these custom pieces.  
Feel free to contact me to discuss your build.

 "How you treat people is more important than the product you make" 
                               Joel Russo  2011
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